Technical lead and API/Front-end developer

Ladder is a fun dating game. My role was as the Technical Lead and to build the API for the mobile app. I used Ruby on Rails for the API and a Web interface for the admins. The API provides the following features:

  • Users: Creation/edition/deletion – Get profile – Add/Remove/Get photos – Check if a username is available – Authentication/New password request
  • Matchmaking: Get list of matches – Creation
  • Contacts: Creation/Edition – Get list
  • Search a location
  • Pricing: Get pricing – Get user transactions – Transaction creation
  • Games: Creation – Get list – Start new round – Etc.
  • Messages: Creation/Edition – Get list
  • Custom Questions: Creation – Get list – Report

The API was developed with the JSONAPI::Resources framework.

Then I built a Facebook bot that replicates the game mechanism and that allows to play with Facebook friends.

AWS is used for storing images (S3), sending emails (SES) and notifications (SNS). SendinBlue is used for emails and marketing.

Google Vision API is used to detect inappropriate images uploaded by users. Google Big Query is used to store user activities.

Ladder Home Page